Multiple Visit Ultrasound Packages

Sweet Peek Double Take-$224.99+tax

Two times the viewing pleasure! Our Sweet Peek Double Take package gives you and your loved ones an opportunity to really see your baby grow! With two ultrasound sessions you will be amazed at how your little sweet pea will change throughout your pregnancy. At your first session, which lasts 15 minutes, we can determine the gender of your baby. This session should be performed between 15 and 24 weeks to allow for the cutest images and videos of your baby’s “acrobatics”. Your second session, where you’ll get to spend twice the time viewing your baby, should take place between 25 and 34 weeks to allow for the best facial feature images. (Find out who your baby looks like. Does she have Daddy’s nose, or does he have Mommy’s mouth?) You’ll be amazed at how your little one will grow over just a few short weeks!

  • One 15 minute 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound Session (Sweet Peek with HD Live Sneak Peak)
  • One 30 minute 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound Session (Sweeter Peek…add HD Live for only $10)

  • 2 DVDs (1 DVD from each session with Ultrasound Video Clips Set to Music)

  • 2 CDs (1 CD of Images from each Session)

  • 30 printed images

  • Brag Book (Photo Album) for Mommy to Be

  • Gender Determination (if desired)

  • Free Rescan Guarantee* on both sessions

  • $25 Off Return Visit during same pregnancy for any package $99.99 or more

  • Enhanced and Premium Newborn Bundles

Sweetest Peek| 3 Trimesters…3 Ultrasounds…1 Price-$289.99+tax (Valued at over $400!) 

Our 3 most popular packages all for 1 low price

  • 1 Sweet Beats Package (10 minute Ultrasound between 8 and 14 weeks)
  • 1 Sweet Peek Package with HD Live Sneak Peak (15 minute Ultrasound between 15 and 24 weeks)
  • 1 Sweeter Peek Package…add HD Live for only $10 (30 minute Ultrasound between 25 and 34 weeks)
  • Over 30 printed images
  • 3 Image CDs (1 from each session)
  • 2 DVDs set to music with Video Clips from Ultrasound Sessions (DVD not included with Sweet Beats Package)
  • Brag Book (Photo Album) for Mommy to Be
  • $30 Off Return Visit during same pregnancy for any package $99.99 or more
  • 3 Newborn Bundles!!! (Beginner, Enhanced, and Premium)
  • and much, much more! (Please see Single Visit Packages page for complete details on each package.)

Watch Your Sweet Pea Grow-$719.99+tax (A $960 Value!)

This package allows you to capture images at every stage of your baby’s growth and development. Starting at 9 weeks and ending at delivery we invite you to come in every other week for a 10 minute 2D/3D/4D ultrasound. This package includes the following:

  • 10 minute 2D/3D/4D ultrasound sessions
  • Up to 5 free rescans between 15 and 35 gestational weeks*
  • 4-6 printed images with each session
  • Gender determination starting at 15 weeks
  • CD with each package
  • DVD included with each session occurring at 15 weeks or more
  • Brag Book for Mommy to Be
  • Beginner, Enhanced, and Premium Newborn Bundles
  • HD Live included in all sessions 25 weeks gestation and afterwards

Portable Ultrasound Sessions

Want your session performed in the comfort of your own home? That’s fine with us. Give us your location and we will happily come to you. An additional travel fee will apply, call today for details. An additional $100 fee will be added to all portable packages that take place on Saturdays. HD Live is not available on portable appointments.


*Free Rescan Guarantee-Free rescans are offered at the discretion of the sonographer. These scans are only offered in the following cases: (1) if the ultrasound was scheduled for gender determination and the sonographer was unable to obtain ANY images of your baby’s gender (2) if the ultrasound was NOT scheduled for gender determination and the sonographer was not able to obtain ANY pictures of your baby’s face or profile or (3) if the ultrasound included HD Live (excluding HD Live sneak peek) and the sonographer was unable to obtain ANY HD Live images. If one of the aforementioned cases is not applicable and you would like to view your baby again please call to schedule another appointment at current pricing. There will be no free rescans offered to individuals who schedule their gender determination appointment for earlier than 15 weeks 0 days gestation, or for any ultrasounds scheduled after 36 weeks and 0 days gestation. Only one free rescan is offered for each paid appointment, and there will be no discounts or refunds if images can not be obtained at the time of the rescan. There will be no free rescan offered for individuals who choose the Sweet Peek package (15 minutes of viewing time) for imaging twins in which the facial features of only one baby are visible, rescans are valid if the appointment was scheduled for gender determination and either one or both genders can not be determined.